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Updates In The Fast Growing Super Speeding Large Multi Big Great Fantastic GLOBAL CORPORATION FAMILY that is ERUHOH


I'm proud to announce that our GLOBAL CORPORATION FAMILY is expanding! If it wasn't for the hours and hours of horrible labor that we force you to do (under penalty of death) we could never have as many members as we do now! So let's work hard and get more.......

IF YOU DON'T WE'LL BEAT THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF YOU!!!! YOU HEAR ME!? YOU THINK YOU CAN TAKE ME?! I AM THE MIGHTY!!!!! I AM THE GOD OF W...err.....heh..sorry, got carried away there. *ahem* moving on!

Our top secret base located DEEP! DEEP! DEEP! within the Netherlands will soon be releasing the ERUHOH website! Oh yes, we will soon be branching off but don't worry. This community will still be maintained. We will be implementing our corporate logo very soon also! Stay tuned for details!!!!

ERUHOH will soon be creating advertisments in order to help/force people into mindless submission and give us complete dominance. If you're interested in helping us do our advertising email us at:

Our Special Weekly Interview

Today, ERUHOH is proud to announce that a bottle of water has joined our GLOBAL CORPORATION FAMILY. Let's just here what he has to say!

Bottle Of Water:

For those of you didn't understand its message it said the following: .........................

There you have it folks! JOIN ERUHOH! OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!!!!!

This message brought to you by:


We're taking over the world, one day at a time.

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    i don't quite understand what this community's about. can i be in it anyway?

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