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I don't believe in free will, so you can have mine.

I can improve your flimsy mecha-cows and produce gobs and gobs of death pudding for you... I just want to be part of the GLOBAL CORPORATION FAMILY (and get free goat porn)

I am at your mercy..
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A Post In The Eruhoh Community!

Hail Ye !! What do I write? Oh ok, Hi, I'm ness. otherwise known as Princess Ness. I want people to add me to their MSN lists ... my address is: reflective_princess@hotmail.com ... and to visit my Live Journal .... however, which is the better community? Eruhoh or Sunaaka's Cult? is Eruhoh even a cult ... someone educate me ...

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Updates In The Fast Growing Super Speeding Large Multi Big Great Fantastic GLOBAL CORPORATION FAMILY that is ERUHOH


I'm proud to announce that our GLOBAL CORPORATION FAMILY is expanding! If it wasn't for the hours and hours of horrible labor that we force you to do (under penalty of death) we could never have as many members as we do now! So let's work hard and get more.......

IF YOU DON'T WE'LL BEAT THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF YOU!!!! YOU HEAR ME!? YOU THINK YOU CAN TAKE ME?! I AM THE MIGHTY!!!!! I AM THE GOD OF W...err.....heh..sorry, got carried away there. *ahem* moving on!

Our top secret base located DEEP! DEEP! DEEP! within the Netherlands will soon be releasing the ERUHOH website! Oh yes, we will soon be branching off but don't worry. This community will still be maintained. We will be implementing our corporate logo very soon also! Stay tuned for details!!!!

ERUHOH will soon be creating advertisments in order to help/force people into mindless submission and give us complete dominance. If you're interested in helping us do our advertising email us at: death_pudding@hotmail.com

Our Special Weekly Interview

Today, ERUHOH is proud to announce that a bottle of water has joined our GLOBAL CORPORATION FAMILY. Let's just here what he has to say!

Bottle Of Water:

For those of you didn't understand its message it said the following: .........................

There you have it folks! JOIN ERUHOH! OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!!!!!

This message brought to you by:


We're taking over the world, one day at a time.
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Letter To The Masses # 2

Greetings, Slaves-

Here at ERUHOH, we are dedicated to being your BEST AND ONLY source of enslavement, unpaid work and torture. Of course, with quality service like this, there's always bound to be imitators. It's like Coke and Dr Pepper- there is no comparison.
(Members, if any of you DO like Dr Pepper, I suggest you move to Floor 22B, Weapon Testing, we're running low on cannon fodder this week.)
As I was saying, we do have imitators, which of course Supreme Soul Mate Fabrice has already touched on in his previous newsletters. I won't bother going back into that, as I'm sure you have already committed them to memory.
These emulators of ERUHOH have not ONLY created a cult dedicated, to as they call it, "world assimilation", they ALSO dare to call the leaders of ERUHOH "Hoes Of Hell."
AND they compare us to Austin Powers.
Obviously we are not working on the same level as these..erm.. people, but this issue needs to be combated anyway.

Firstly, two words: pre-time.
No matter WHEN our imitators started their cult, we thought of it before you. Yes, you.
It's pure logic. In fact, ERUHOH stands for, among other things, "WE WERE HERE FIRST". Don't think about that for too long, your head might explode, and yes, you should finish breaking up that pile rocks before that happens.

ALSO, as you all know, Slaves, we are NOT a cult. We are a GLOBAL CORPARATE FAMILY, driven by pure evil. Although our imitators seem to believe we are operating on the same level, little cults with "prophets" and "commandments" are not only out of date, they're damn boring.
ERUHOH, on the other hand operates on mission statements, C.A.O.D objectives and C.E.O's- namely Supreme Soul Mate Fabrice and I.

If you have any questions then GET BACK TO WORK, HEATHENS!


It has come to our attention that we may need to increase numbers in certain areas of ERUHOH, due to the unprecedented amount of new members.
Firstly, if you are David Gray- we CAN secure you that Grammy. Report to headquarters ASAP, and we will force you to play for hours on end in a cage consider your case.

If you are Alicia Keys, walk off something high. You've outstayed your welcome in our world.

Uh, that is all. Continue.

Finally, just a small housekeeping note. For the sake of ERUHOH's leaders, slaves working on the torture level and mecha cow testing grounds are now ordered advised to keep your howls of pain down after 9 p.m.
Also, I am pleased to initiate the "Its Your Cage- Take Pride" campaign. This means, if your cage is too freaking dirty WE WILL PUT A MECHA COW IN WITH YOU FOR A WEEK! As you can imagine, this will restrict any movement, but I assure you, the imprints the bars make on your face will disappear after another week or so. This plan also allows us to test run our new children-orientated mecha cow, which recites subliminal messages in the form of an Arabic pop song most days of the week, except from 5 to 8 am on Tuesdays, but our team of trained monkeys- they work better than you heathens specialists, are working hard to iron out that glitch for you.
Yes, normally these sort of employee campaigns have some sort on incentive, but we know you've grown out of that, and DO PLACE THAT LITTLE VALUE ON YOUR LIFE TO QUESTION US?

Thats all for now, if you haven't signed up for ERUHOH yet, do yourself a favour- I mean, damn, you've had enough warning.
Our reign of terror is about to being in the Netherlands, so I would strongly advise our European readers to get on the RIGHT TEAM before its too late- we are in phase 1! This may be your last chance.

This message brought to you by:


We're taking over the world, one day at a time.
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light fairy

ooh!! oooh!!

I wanna be the Eeeeevvvveeeel Henchwoman!! Can I?! Can I?! I promise to wear only the hottest spandex/leather combinations and ridiculously glam accesories and high heels...

I vow to uphold the Evil World Domination Type Honor and Chivalry of ERUOH
And to give my victims a fair chance... before I stab them in the back!!

::Waves Hand::


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Letter To The Masses # 1

Greetings Slaves,

Today I watched the Grammys. U2 took all the awards. You do realize that U2 is part of our GLOBAL CORPORATION FAMILY, so why aren't you? If you join, we MIGHT JUST MIGHT, give you a grammy. If not, at least you can look forward to slave labor.

It's been a great week so far! ERUHOH has forced..err ENLISTED! Countless members into our GLOBAL CORPORATION FAMILY all seems to be going well when it comes to phase 1.

However, we had a tragic incident involving the SHEEP/Prime Minister of Britian Tony Blair scandel, it turns out everything was true. That poor sheep never saw it coming.

Many people have been wondering what is the ERUHOH opinion on death. Well, we here at ERUHOH firmly believe that it's a natural part of life and it will come early to those WHO DON'T JOIN RIGHT NOW!

We at ERUHOH hope you enjoy your day, week, or whatever. If you had a bad week, it's probably because you haven't joined ERUHOH yet. If you had a bad week and are one of our slaves, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU WORRYING ABOUT THINGS LIKE BAD DAYS!? Get back to work maggot!!!!



ERUHOH: So God, why have you chosen to join ERUHOH

God: Well, you know, it was just the right thing to do.

YOU HEARD IT RIGHT HERE FOLKS! God thinks that joining ERUHOH is the RIGHT thing to do!!! SO WHY THE BLOODY HELL HAVEN'T YOU DONE IT YET!?!?!?!?!?!? Do YOU want eternal damnation?

Slave Assignment:

We here at ERUHOH have conceived a very fantastic plan to psychologically destroy those who stand in our way. It's extremely detailed and involves the use of a telephone.

So here is your first assignment:

1. Pick up a phone and dial in a random number.

2. Once the person has answered, say this: "Hello, this is Dr. Rubin, we're just calling to tell you that the tests came back positive. Thank you." then hang up.

Do you KNOW the crippling effect this has on people? They won't know what to think! Spouses will think the other person has cancer! Boyfriends will assume their girlfriends are pregnant! Goats will think the sheeps sold them out to the communist government of Kentucky! In fact, if all goes well (which it will), it will all get back to the president and go like this!

Secret Service Agent: Uh, Mr. President Sir, a doctor just called and said that the results are positive.
President Bush: OH DEAR GOD!!

He will then procede to shoot himself in the head, that's when ERUHOH steps in to take control.

Do you have a fantastic plan you think will help in ERUHOH's eventual hostile take over of the planet? EMAIL US AND TELL US ABOUT IT AT: death_pudding@hotmail.com.....If it's a really great plan, we may even put it an as one of our assignments!!!



The Following People Are Wanted:

- Someone who knows how to create mecha-cow.
- Someone who really can't believe it's not butter.
- Nicole Kidman (uhm just go straight to Fabrice's house, we'll inform you of your duties there.)
- Someone who has legs.

JOIN ERUHOH! We're the fastest growing GLOBAL CORPORATION FAMILY around!

This message has been brought to you by:


We're taking over the world, one day at a time.
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Hello, if you're reading this, you have obviously decided to take part in the global corporation family that is ERUHOH. Some people would like to believe we're a cult, but in fact, we're not a cult at all. There are no primitive religious ceremonies here at ERUHOH. We don't have time for that nonsense. There are no spiritual beings to pray to, nor do you have to attend some pointless mass.

No, we only want one thing from you at ERUHOH and that's your "free will". We just want to enslave you and make you part of our GLOBAL CORPORATION FAMILY. We here at ERUHOH know that you're not good enough on your own, we know that your really not even living up to half of your maximum potential, but that can all change! Oh yes! By joining the ERUHOH GLOBAL CORPORATION FAMILY you will be bettering yourself, and that is our personal dream. Through our extensive training program, you will not only be living up to your maximum potential but with a purpose and meaning!

What is our training program you ask? Well, allow me to explain.

DOING LOTS OF WORK FOR US AND NOT GETTING PAID!!!! Now, how can you turn down this once and a lifetime chance!?

Not only that! If you join now, we WILL include GOAT PORN! Oh yes, AND PUDDING!

Now we know you're interested in joining our GLOBAL CORPORATION FAMILY but there are some of those who are against us. These are the followers of some silly sports drink called Sunaaka. Let me, give you a little excerpt of how these fools think:

ckyrl: Eruhoh SCUM <== (Wonderfully intelligent comment.)
Fabrice: Excuse me?
ckyrl: ERUHO SCUM <== (THEN he spells it wrong.)
Fabrice: So, that's what the losers at Sunaaka do?
Fabrice: they resort to taunting eh?
Fabrice: Boy. You guys. Man.
Fabrice: Oh, why don't you go worship that sports drink you call a god and jerk off?
ckyrl: im sure if you looked at user info
ckyrl: Sunaaka would be infront
ckyrl: members wise
Fabrice: Like I said
Fabrice: There are more losers in this world than winners.
Fabrice: so of course you'd have large poplous of members ^_^
ckyrl: and we will suceed
Fabrice: *pat pat* it's ok
Fabrice: oh yes, I'm sure you will
Zero Gs 17: All from the confines of your cages.
ckyrl: anyways im habing a shower
ckyrl: cya <==(Obviously fearful that I would blow up his head with my mind powers)
Fabrice: ohhhh you guys shower? wow, step up old chap.

Now these Sunaaka followers actually think we're in competition. We're NOT. We're not some rival cult, those silly heathens.

Oh yes! If you join ERUHOH we promise that you will get extensive mind powers. Like the ability to think independently! But we'll have to break your will and force you to obideance! It's all for the good of your GLOBAL CORPORATION FAMILY of course.

Now, if you're interested in becoming a slave! JOIN US! In fact, don't THINK! Just join us! If you don't we will make your head explode. That's right, we have the ability to do that and you don't really want to test us DO you? Plus if your head doesn't explode, it's only because we plan on torturing you in some horrible way later. Something involving a walrus I'm sure.

I hope this was informative. If you have any questions, comments or concerns. Forget it, you should....


OR If you've decided that you rather not be killed in some horrible fashion!!! Send an email to:


we will be happy to make you our slave!!!!

This message has been brought to you by:


We're taking over the world, one day at a time.
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